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Solving the “Human Truth Puzzle”
ISLA DEL REY, PANAMA, June 1, 2007 � How do you use analytic, divisive words to convey a unifying, holistic experience? That question has tormented Janet Smith Warfield, author of Shift: Change Your Words, Change Your World, for 35 years.

Shift is about words and how we use them. According to Warfield, “spiritual masters throughout the ages-Jesus, Hermann Hesse, Kahlil Gibran, Rumi, Socrates, the Buddha, Moses, Lao Tzu, Gandhi, Confucius, Martin Luther King, Friedrich Nietzsche-used words creatively to point to the solution to the Human Truth Puzzle.” Shift uses stories, poetry, questions, rules, quotations, optical illusions, and diagrams. “None of these is Truth, Warfield continues, “but all are compelling, creative tools that catalyze human perception shifts. Their purpose is to produce powerful peace on the planet, one person at a time-not through rigid control, but through self-knowledge, awareness, and understanding.”

In Shift, Warfield writes, “Don’t believe a word I write! My words are not Truth. They are only creative vehicles for discovering your own truth. Read every statement with a dash of skepticism. There will be times when these statements won’t apply to your life. You are the only one who can decide when they do and when they don’t. Play with my words the way you would play with a new toy or game. Allow your own creative spirit to tweak them and reshape them. If you discover something that might be useful, use it. If you don’t, let it go. It may make sense some other time in some other context.”

In its final chapter, Shift unveils a startling new meaning to the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche just as Dan Brown unveiled a startling new meaning to The Last Supper in The DaVinci Code. Shift reveals a Nietzsche that, according to Warfield, “few have observed. Yet just like optical illusions, once perceived and understood, Nietzsche’s writings form a coherent pattern that becomes a major piece in solving the Human Truth Puzzle.”

Shift is not for the faint of heart. Readers looking for pat answers and authoritarian security won’t find them here. For curious, risk-taking problem-solvers who want to enhance their lives and create harmony on our planet, Shift is a breath of fresh air.