Thirty-five years ago, Janet Smith Warfield had an unexpected mystical experience. Words she had learned as a child in Sunday school, resist not evil, but turn the other cheek  suddenly became crystal clear. In an instant, she understood their meaning.

Nothing outside her changed. The room, her home, the man at the door were exactly as they had been moments before. Yet everything changed. She was suddenly looking at the world through new eyes.

She had to tell others about this experience. How could she use divisive, analytical words to communicate a unifying, holistic experience? It was a question Janet struggled with for years.

She journaled. She wrote poetry. She wrote essays and stories. She asked questions. Words were illusions, dancing at a masked ball. They were only fingers pointing at the moon. They were not the moon.

Nevertheless, there was a moon behind the word illusions. There was a unifying, holistic experience. There was a Human Truth Puzzle that could be put together. In fact, it had been put together, over and over, by person after person throughout history. Words were one piece of that Human Truth Puzzle. Each person who solved the Puzzle used different words to point to the solution.

Janet entered law school to study some of our human-created methods for using words as clearly and helpfully as possible. She graduated from Rutgers School of Law, cum laude, and practiced law in Atlantic City, New Jersey, for 22 years. As lawyer, mediator, poet, author, wife, mother, and grandmother, she has become a powerful word sculptress who has learned how to use words to shift listeners into an experience beyond words, transforming turmoil into peace. After three years in Roatan, Honduras and three-and-a-half years in Boquete, Panama, Janet is now living in Sarasota, Florida.